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Jax and I have known each other for 20 years and counting, however, our souls have known each other for much longer. Maybe in a past life? All I know is, when I’m not with her I’m not a complete person. She’s my soultwin – my… ying to my yang. The scary part is – we can pretty much read each other’s mind and find that our souls call to each other as well. We are balance.
I’m married to a wonderful man who is almost 4 years my junior. He loves my older 3 children (2 sons and a daughter) as if they were his own and we also have a daughter together and is my soulmate. He is everything I want in a lifetime companion. And my kids, they are a part of everything I do. They contribute to my writing and I love it!
So far I have started 5 WIP’s and none of them leave me alone; prone to writing YA, paranormal, with a touch of horror.

I went to college majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology (Correctional Rehibilitation Officer). Now I work in the medical grade wire industry in the engineering department entering specifications. My next goal in life... is to be written.

Reading interests: Dystopian/Utopian, Apocalyptic, Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal

Other interests: Tats, Books, Music, Movies, and some TV shows. I like Entertainment.
Contacting Me

Twitter: @danibertrand
GoodReads: Danielle Bertrand
Personal Blog: Entertaining Interests

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