Friday, April 28, 2017

AtoZ Book Covers Challenge - X Isle

Welcome to Cover Girls AtoZ Challenge!!
This year, like in years past, we are posting about which book covers we fancy, and our opinions about them.

              X Isle Vol 1 (X Isle Mini)
by Andrew Cosby and Michael Alan Nelson

A team of researchers drift on the ocean, lost, in their quest for an enigmatic island that's never been explored. Washing on its shores, they find a dense, terrifying jungle populated with animal and plant life that has evolved along a completely different path. What secret does this isle hold? Why are the life forms there so dangerous - and so alien? In the tradition of Alien and the recent horror-hit The Descent! Featuring art from Greg Scott (Gotham Central, Sword of Dracula).

Dani - What a super eerie cover! Very Ominous for sure.

Jax - I love the cool tones of the cover. The cliffs look menacingly inviting, but the lightening warns them to stay away. Fabulous artwork!

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