Tuesday, April 25, 2017

AtoZ Book Covers Challenge - Unrivaled (Beautiful Idols #1)

Welcome to Cover Girls AtoZ Challenge!!
This year, like in years past, we are posting about which book covers we fancy, and our opinions about them.


Unrivaled (Beautiful Idols #1) by 

Everyone wants to be someone.

Layla Harrison wants to leave her beach-bum days for digs behind a reporter’s desk. Aster Amirpour wants to scream at the next casting director who tells her “we need ethnic but not your kind of ethnic.” Tommy Phillips dreams of buying a twelve-string guitar and using it to shred his way back into his famous absentee dad’s life.

But Madison Brooks took destiny and made it her bitch a long time ago.

She’s Hollywood’s hottest starlet, and the things she did to become the name on everyone’s lips are merely a stain on the pavement, ground beneath her Louboutin heel.

That is, until Layla, Aster, and Tommy find themselves with a VIP invite to the glamorous and gritty world of Los Angeles’s nightlife and lured into a high-stakes competition where Madison Brooks is the target. Just as their hopes begin to gleam like stars through the California smog, Madison Brooks goes missing. . . . And all of their hopes are blacked out in the haze of their lies.

Unrivaled is #1 New York Times bestselling author Alyson Noël’s first book in a thrilling suspense trilogy about how our most desperate dreams can become our darkest nightmares.

Dani - Does this cover portray a girl at peace or in turmoil? Whichever it is, it grabs your attention.
Jax - The lights of the city is the perfect background for this cover and description.  

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