Fast Five Friday


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Fast Five Friday is a weekly blog hop created by, us, Cover Girls. Its purpose is to connect with writers, readers, viewers, and bloggers. With that aim in mind, we would love for you to join us! 
We're suckers for lists, so we thought it'd be cool to do a weekly blog hop where we list things. We've provided the topics for each week below, with five being the focus . 
You're not required to post every week. You can pick and choose which topics you'd like to participate in. 
Whatever topics you decide to do, please include the link to your Fast Five Friday post in the comments section of our FFF post each week, so we can stop by and show our FFF love to you!

September 2016

Sept 2 - List your top 5 beverages
Sept 9 - In your opinion, who are 5 people that earn the title of genius?
Sept 16 - 5 book characters you liked better in the TV/film than in the book
Sept 23 - Top 5 music artists you're attracted to
Sept 30 - 5 daily rituals/routines you do (besides hygiene)

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Dani & Jax