No, no, we're not assuming we are cover girls. It's the covers of books we prefer. (But we must admit, being an actual Cover Girl would be pretty awesome.)

 Why We Developed a Joint Blog

As stated above, we love books and their beauty.

The way they feel in our fingers,
The alluring smell of print on paper,
The story within the pages, 
 Falling in love with the characters,
 Rooting for the underdog,
And what we love the best,

 Supporting books, writing, and our community of writers and bloggers is important to us. To show our love and support we are devoting a portion of this blog to our infatuation with…

Cover Reveals
AtoZ Challenge - Covers we adore
Blog Tours
and Interviews ...

Jax adores Character Interviews
Dani enjoys Author Interviews

 The rest of the time, we will be updating you with what’s new on the book shelves, bloghops and fests, what new covers are coming out, and what we think about them.

 And of course – we have a tab that is dedicated to Submissions.
Do you have cover reveal coming soon? Maybe one has passed and you want us to feature it anyways.
Do you have a Blog Tour that’s around the corner and would like us to help get the info out?
Our contact info is available in the tab section. 

 We also accommodate any original submission info you supply. 


  1. Great idea - love your blog! When I'm looking for a new book to read I like to scan the shelves at my local Chapters store, searching for a cover that grabs me (most likely with an image from Europe!). And holding the paper copy in your hand is so much more satisfying than an eReader.

  2. Yeah?
    You do?
    Even short ones?
    Gotta gobba [lit] .45-caliber-lotta:
    ♡ en.gravatar.com/MatteBlk ♡


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