Tuesday, April 04, 2017

AtoZ Book Cover Challenge - Cuckoo

Welcome to Cover Girls AtoZ Challenge!!
This year, like in years past, we are posting about which book covers we fancy, and our opinions about them.

by Keren David

He's a household name . . . without a home

Jake is an actor, a household name thanks to his role on the UK's most popular soap. But his character went upstairs to his bedroom six months ago and never came down again, and now Jake is facing an uncertain future. Add to that his dad's anger issues, the family's precarious finances and the demands of a severely autistic brother; Jake's home feels like a powder keg waiting to explode. It's easier to spend nights on friends' sofas and futons, but what happens when you feel like a cuckoo in every nest?

Cuckoo is a novel about the roles we play when we don't fit in anywhere, and finding unlikely solace when home is the least welcoming place of all.

Dani – I like a cover which keeps you guessing. Is he homeless and crazy? Can I lay down there and take a nap? I could really go for a nap.
Jax - I can feel the torment radiating off the cover, and it makes me want to read this and root them on!

Thanks for stopping by, come back tomorrow for another amazing cover!

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