Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Divine Temptation by Nicki Elson

Nicki Elson stopped by Cover Girls to share the release of her new book and the amazing cover! She's a wonderful person, and we're happy to hand over the post to her.
Take it away, Nicki...

Thanks, Dani & Jax, for having me over on release day for Divine Temptation! It’s exciting to get to celebrate my new book at a brand new blog. Since it’s all about covers here, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about how Divine Temptation’s cover relates to the story itself.

I expected to shy away from any images of faces on the cover because I just didn’t think there was any way any guy was going to be able to capture Evan, the angel, the way I see him. But this model totally did. It’s not just his physical appearance that’s dead on, it’s the intensity of his stare and the way he stands protectively by her, like a good guardian angel should.

And then there’s Maggie. This woman’s expression alone can pretty much tell the whole story - her quiet struggle with her growing feelings for the angel, which she knows are wrong, the attraction that she knows she should resist…but does she succeed? That is the question, isn’t it? And you can bet I’m not going to answer it here. *insert evil laugh*

Divine Temptation by Nicki Elson

Maggie Brock has everything under control.  Even her divorce, though painful at the time, only registers as a minor blip in her carefully constructed universe. Life in Prairie Oaks has once again returned to a smooth, predictable pace…until an angel shows up in her bedroom.
The angel is just as bewildered as Maggie about why he’s been sent to her, but their unsuccessful efforts to gain understanding of the mystery fade to the background as their relationship grows. Soon, Maggie’s biggest problem becomes the angel himself, as her feelings for him develop into something less than saintly.
While Maggie struggles to keep her desires pure, a nefarious being lurks in the shadows of Prairie Oaks, watching and waiting for the opportunity to fulfill his ambiguous purpose. Preying on her conflicted emotions, the demon manipulates her at every opportunity, but the one to deliver Maggie directly into his hands is the last person she’d expect.
Wow, Nicki! That cover is hot and intense- two things that make a great cover! Congrats on your release! We wish you all the best! 

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  1. that cover itself is devine temptation!

  2. Hooray! I'm so happy you all like the cover, you too Adriana. Thanks Dani & Jax for doing this. :)

  3. That is a mesmerizing cover!! Nicki has another winner!! :)

  4. I love Evan's look on this cover. He looks youthful and intense, and Maggie looks sad and wistful. Together they draw the reader in.

  5. Brand new follower here, stopping by as an A to Z co-host, so: nice to meet you, Dani and Jax!


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