Monday, March 18, 2013

Blog Reveal and Alex's Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest

No, no, we're not assuming that we're cover girls. It's the covers of books we prefer. (But we must admit, being an actual Cover Girl would be pretty awesome.) 

We've known each other for 20 years and counting, but it seems like a lot longer. Maybe in a past lifetime? We pretty much know what the other is thinking or feeling and find that our souls call to each other as well. It might sound weird to most, but to us, it's natural. 

So what better way to celebrate this than to open a joint blog together? We wanted a place to talk about and support: books, covers, reveals, bloghops, authors, bloggers, etc. And that's what you'll find at Cover Girls. When you have a moment, you can click on the tabs above to learn more.

Speaking of bloggers and bloghops, we decided for our first post, to join in on a super fun blogfest hosted by Ninja Captain Alex! 

Click HERE for details and to view other bloggers participating in this fun hop!

Since our individual blogs (Dani @Entertaining Interests and Jax @Bouquet of Books) list our favorite movies, for our joint-blog we decided to rate the movies we've actually watched together.

10. Twilight
9. New Moon
8. 1408
7. Eclipse
6. Final Destination 3
5. Black Swan AND Daybreakers*
4. Texas Chainsaw Mass
3. Fast & Furious
2. Black Swan AND Daybreakers*
1. Star Trek 

*Jax prefers Black Swan at #5 and DayBreakers at #2
*Dani prefers Daybreakers at #5 and Black Swan #2

Thanks for stopping by our blog, and we hope you'll visit again!

~Dani & Jax


  1. Hey Jax,

    Happy to meet you and be the #4 on the follow list -especially when the Cover Girls break 1,000 :)

    Can you please get Dani to take a nap though? Seriously that woman is taking social media to a whole new level: 24/7.99 :)

    1. *blushes* Aww shucks Mark! *yawns*

    2. Mark,

      I could tell her, but she's a stubborn thing, I tell you! But then again, so am I. :)

  2. Which Texas Chainsaw... film... I will wait here for my answer...

    Jeremy [Retro-Z]
    Howlin' Wolf

    1. Texas Chainsaw 2003 version. Hope you didn't have to wait long! Thanks for stopping by Jeremy!!

  3. Did you see Texas Chainsaw 3D? That would've been interesting to see, but I'll probably have to wait until video, and see it no 3D. Not sure I want to pay $8+ to watch it at the theater. I like them, but not that much. :)

  4. I like how you compromised on 5 and 2 :) Totally with you on Star Trek being a great movie. I keep meaning to see Texas Chainsaw, but have yet to get around to it. I really enjoyed the beginning of 1408 when I saw it, but I didn't like the end at all. Then again there are many horror movies where I have the same reaction, so that's just me :).

  5. You guys have done a great job on this site! And doing it together with a long-time friend is just awesome. And nice movie pics btw, I really want to see the new Star Trek movie. (:

  6. How come Breaking Dawn didn't make the list? Kidding, but I'm loving that Star Trek made the list. :)

  7. Congratulations on the new blog! This bloghop seems like a great way to break it in.

  8. Nice list except maybe to each their own. Love the fast and furios movies, besides 3, and daybreakers.

  9. No cross over to my list, plus I am not a Twilight fan. I like silly movies.

  10. Well, you agreed on almost everything else!
    The Fast and Furious series is awesome.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  11. I really wish I had included Star Trek on my list!

    What a wonderful venture this is! I'm looking forward to seeing what the two of you come up with! :)

  12. The only one I've seen is Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original), and may have seen the Star Trek movie depending on which one it is. I'm so clueless about modern movies and who popular actors are.

  13. I assume you mean the recent Star Trek (judging by your other titles), and I was amazed how much I liked that.


    A little over-the-top story, but quite good...and Abrams is a great director.

    I cut my teeth on the original series, but I can't wait for the sequel this summer!

    Good list!

  14. Congrats on the new blog! I dig the Next Generation Star Trek movies best - though I haven't seen the new one...

  15. Daybreakers was fun! Can't wait for the next STar Trek movie.

  16. Just dropping in from the blog hop. Our lists don't overlap but I have to say that I have much love for "Star Trek" and "Fast & Furious". So much awesomeness!

    also, lovely to have stumbled on your blog! :3


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