Friday, September 30, 2016

Fast Five Friday: musical artists attractions and daily rituals/routines

Fast Five Friday is a weekly blog hop created here at Cover GirlsIts purpose is to connect with writers, readers, viewers, and bloggers. With that aim in mind, we would love for you to join us!
We're suckers for lists, so we thought it'd be cool to do a weekly blog hop where we list things, with five being the focus. You're not required to post every week. You can choose which topics you'd like to participate in, and they are posted at the beginning of every month and can be found HERE.
Fast Five

Sept 23 - Top 5 music artists you're attracted to


*Adam Levine
*J.D. Fortune
*Lenny Kravitz
*Adam Lambert
*Brent Smith


*Justin Timberlake
*Andre 3000
*Pharrell Williams
*Mark McGrath

Sept 30 - 5 daily rituals/routines you do (besides hygiene)


*Drink chocolate milk for breakfast
*Make sure my eyebrows are filled in, even if I have no other make-up on
*Change into sweats when I get home from work… immediately
*Plan for dinner whether we are staying in or going out
*Catch up on my shows from the night before


*use moisturizer
*Change into jammie pants when I get home
*Hug my hubby and kiddos
*sync fitbit
*read before bed

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