Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Meridian

Our theme for the A - Z Challenge -- book covers. To view other bloggers participating in the challenge, and to learn about the deets, please go HERE.

Dani – When Arclight came out, I fell in love with the colors and now I’m even more in love with Meridian. It really makes me want to read it.

Jax - The streams of all different colors draws me in. And I like that ending of the description. So true!

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  1. I like the negative effect the streams of colour have on the face, reverse highlighting it.
    Tasha's Thinkings - AtoZ (Vampires)
    FB3X - AtoZ (Erotic Drabbles)

  2. How do you find these gorgeous covers. The book is a little long for me, but the cover made me gasp. It is fantastic.
    Nana Prah


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