Thursday, February 20, 2014

Character Interview

Joey Destefano, from Kimberly Ann Miller's YA novel, Triangles, stopped by Cover Girls today. We're happy to meet him!

Jax: What, about Autumn, makes you weak in the knees? 
Joey: Where do I start? I have to admit, at first, when I saw her picture, I just thought, WOW! But after she started working at the shop, I could see she was in pain and wanted to help her. I knew we would be great together and would understand each other. The main problem was getting her to get over herself and see what I had to offer!

Jax: Since you're a mechanic, I have two car questions for you... 
What's your favorite type of car to work on? 
Joey: Trucks – the bigger, the better. I love big vehicles, so when someone comes roaring in with a monster truck, I have to fight back the drool.

Jax: And what is your dream car? 
Joey: A monster truck I need a ladder to get into! Chevys are my favorite body style, and I love flames, too!

Jax: Name three must-haves for a road trip? 
Joey: Great music, beautiful weather, and Autumn.

Jax: Describe the ideal setting for a date with Autumn. 
Joey: Anywhere Autumn is works for me! But more specifically, I would love to pamper her in a romantic setting, like on the beach at dusk with a small bonfire. I’d pack a picnic basket with snacks and drinks, spread out a warm blanket, and listen to the waves hitting the shore as we talked about our future. How does that sound? 
Jax: That sounds amazing!

You can read more about Joey and Autumn in Kimberly Miller's novel, Triangles.


  1. Thank you so much for having Joey today! Hope you enjoy :)

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